1.LinkedIn Networking Increases Your Power



It would be correct to say that LinkedIn’s biggest strength is networking. If you create your profile correctly, be prepared for a much bigger environment, new offers, sectoral chats and collaborations.


2.You Can Effectively Manage Your Reputation With LinkedIn


A well-formed profile and network at LinkedIn have the effect of “showing the whole” People will feel more comfortable when communicating with you. In summary, using LinkedIn effectively is like partnering with business and opportunities.


3.Entrepreneurship is Possible with an Environment = LinkedIn



Entrepreneurs must improve themselves in the field of networking. The same agenda applies to professionals as well. They should keep the connections up to date without thinking about the job. Accordingly, LinkedIn is a treasure trove with people and ideas from different audiences.


 4.You Can Improve Your Professional Competencies With LinkedIn



You can follow the updates of experts related to your business. You can participate in conversations in sectoral groups. In summary, you can update your professional identity by following the posts made by your environment like an “environment newspaper”


5.You Can Improve Your Leadership Competence With LinkedIn



LinkedIn is again the most effective platform for sharing research, information, success and even failures on your subject. You can create groups related to your project and become the natural leader of these groups. When people organically follow you, they start calling you leaders.


6.Join Professional Groups that Include Like‐minded People.

LinkedIn hosts thousands of online groups, enabling professionals to network within their respective niches.


7.Updating an Online Resume is Easier than Updating A Paper Resumes



With LinkedIn, you don’t have to worry about hiring a professional resume writer. You just have to click the Edit button and enter your desired information. The formatting is done for you. (However, you still have to worry about spelling and grammar.)


8.Research Other Businesses

A lot of businesses are on LinkedIn. If you’re interested in working with a particular business, you can use LinkedIn to read its business profile, connect with people who work for that business, and more.


9.Receive (and give) Endorsements


LinkedIn enables your peers to endorse your skills and write up recommendations, and you can do the same for them. People who are searching for networking connections or job candidates will take these recommendations into consideration.


10.LinkedIn Has Extensive Job Listings.


If you’re looking for work, you can take advantage of LinkedIn’s job search engine. Many top brands are using LinkedIn as a way to find suitable candidates through job listings, and there are plenty of listings exclusive to LinkedIn.


11.Recruiters and HR Professionals Are on LinkedIn.

People who are hiring are looking at your profile on LinkedIn. In fact, if you’re not on LinkedIn, it may lead them to speculate why.


12.You Can Search Its Job Board.



Search jobs by keywords and location. Even if you’re not actively seeking new employment, you can set job alerts based on your career interests to regularly receive email updates and stay in the loop.


Written by Nazlı Özdilli and Sule Çelik