Today’s world, job, internship, volunteer projects, master’s degree in short for every area we are writing motivation letter. This paper is you will find answers for what is motivation letter, how we can write it, what are the important tips, how we can create the differences.


Do not forget that you are not only one who is making application for that program. Also, the people who has a same, similar or those who are more advanced or behind with their educational background and participation, also apply to these positions. For this reason, motivational writings are a chance to reveal your social cultural aspects and maybe you will show your exact candidates for that position. It is a big chance for show your points which they are looking for.



Motivation letter is a paper about why you want to attend and includes information about your motivation. Since the writing areas of motivation letters are very wide, they all have a different format. For example, if the letter of motivation is written for a master, in the upper right corner, Name Surname, next line address, next line personal information (number, mail), in last line date. On the left side, name of institute, address of institute. They need to be at different line. Paper need to start with Dear Sir/Madam. Punctuation is very important. Therefore, the comma should not be forgotten after Sir or Madam. In the first line, a sentence containing your purpose of writing. For example, In this letter, I would like to express my interest in studying at the University of Yasar, Business Engineering.


In the second paragraph, background is given with the related subject. The important point here is to remember that you already have your CV in the institution you applied for. There is no need to give too much detail. It is rather to reveal the link between how you are affected by this resume and how you can contribute to your application. For example, I gained x experience by working at x position in company x and I think this experience will meet your expectation like y. Connection between your past experience and the position you are applying for will make a draft about you.


In the third paragraph, inform the reader about your strengths and weaknesses. When talking about your weaknesses, it is important to talk about how you can improve them with the program applied and how your strengths will contribute. Your strengths will allow you to make a difference among other candidates. Remember, nobody is perfect, but not everyone is brave enough to make personal criticism. Also, you can also include praise. But not overdose. An activity, event or project made by the institution can be mentioned and mention about how was the effects on the person. Moreover, if you have expectations from where you applied, they can also be added to this section.



In the fourth paragraph, talk about your future plans, what this application will provide you, how it will shape your life. Indicate that you are sure of yourself. Last paragraph is important. “I am waiting for your answer, thank you for spending your time for me. Can be good end sentences.

In the end, in the right corner “King Regards” and Name Surname

Now your motivation letter is ready for send. But apart from the general information written above, there are points to be considered.


All information written must be correct. Sentences for the targeted area should be more technical. Long sentences should not be preferred. Writing motivation letters from the pages doesn’t give you anything. On the contrary, it takes a lot of time for reader. This creates a negative effect on you. 4-5 paragraphs and 500-600 words are ideal for your letter. Try to express yourself clearly in a short way and avoid words that you do not know exactly. Do not used the words because of only it looks fancy. It is important to use a different letter of motivation for each application. You can also add a letter of motivation to the cover letter of your CV in Europass format, or you can present it as a separate text.


Do not forget that you cannot change your CV and what you have done in the past, but you can increase your chances of being accepted. On the other hand, attracts attention and shows your strengths well with a motivational letter.


I hope it was a useful writing. Note that each application format is different, and this article covers the whole. Thank you for taking the time to read it!

Written by Özgül Ece Mersin