Make a To-do List



Before you start your day or your work, you can determine the tasks that you have to finish them. It is better to set deadlines and plan our work according to deadlines.


Give Yourself Small Rewards



You can give yourself to small awards such as coffee, movie break or meditation. It does not have to be related with money. It is only for your motivation and life energy.


Set Your Goals and Be Realistic



When setting your goals, plan them realistically. Do not think to do your all tasks at once. You can make a prioritization list. Continue by following this list while doing your tasks.


Avoid Addictive Waste of Time



Be careful not to waste time while doing your tasks. Focus on doing them. Forget your smartphone or other distraction objects.


Take Small Breaks During Your Work



Taking small breaks while working allows you to rest your brain. Taking regular breaks helps you be more productive.

After break time, you’ll get a better sense of the bigger picture. Your thoughts will be refreshed and your brain will be ready to focus on your works.


Show Your Success


Be aware of your achievements and continue your work to achieve new successes.

Most people are motivated by success, so focus on your achievements and don’t     forget to motivate yourself for new achievements!


Make Goal Setting a Habit



Set yourself goals and do not decrease your motivation to reach them. Make yourself a habit of setting goals. Determine your way to reach your goals and plan them well.


Written by Nazlı Özdilli