Job application you had waited for months has been opened and and you want to impress them with a professional CV or do you wish your CV to stand out from the crowd and bring you to the point you want?

A lot of applications come for a possition to Human resourse managers. While HR managers evaluate applications, they can not examine deeply. They just look at hundreds of CV fastly. If you be successful to catch their interest, they look your CV deeply and invite you to interview, and your evaluation process starts for the job.

I will mention about how you get strength your CV, what you should add or not on your CV.

Europass CV format is an international accepted format. When you apply for a position for an international institution, you must use Europass CV. Recently, it has started to be personalized to try to make the CV format remarkable and to distinguish it from other standard CV’s. That’s my preference too. Companies want to meet and work with people whos is creative, think different and highly motivated. Human resources experts who see your engaging creative CV will at least want to get to know you and invite you for an interview. There are many websites and word templates that you can create creative CV online. A few websites where you can create remarkable CV: Toptalent, resume coach, visual CV, enhanCV, nevoresume.


Let’s Start…

General Order;

  • You must have a clear picture with a plain background and a passport image
  • Your contact information: your phone number, e-mail address, province of residence (you should not write a full address in order to prevent your address from contacting malicious people)
  • It will be a plus for you to be active in Linkedln and add your profile’s address in the contact section.

Work Experience;

  • You should write your work experience chronologically from the last to the old. You should add the dates you work as month and year.
  • You should add your responsibilities, duties, and what kind of contributions you make in the company you work with in a bulleted statement with a few sentences.
  • If you do not have work experience, you can add your reports, research, projects or studies prepared at the university. (ex: Russian alcoholic beverage industry market research, 2019)

Educational Background;

  • You must write backwards from the last school you graduated from.
  • If you have a specialization, don’t forget to add it under your department.
  • If you have not graduated from a very successful high school, you do not need to write your high school
  • If your cumulative is below 3 out of 4, it will not make sense to write your graduation average.
  • If you have done Erasmus, you can add your university in the framework of erasmus +.


  • You should write your computer usage skills, MS Office, Photoshop, SPSS, SAP, graphics, software, accounting, database programs and what level you know.




I am sure it is the most challenging part all of us. We mostly stop and think about what our hobbies are  😊

  • Reading books and watching movies are not recommend writing as hobbies. You should write these in more detail, for example, instead of reading a book, you can especially write an author or genre you follow. You can say reading philosophy or reading studies in the field of Greek mythology.
  • You can write similar things for the movie if you can’t find anything to write.
  • For sports, instead of writing “sport”, you should write specific sport and the level of sports you do. Yoga, adventure sports, taekwondo, boxing, mountaineering…


  • You should add the foreign languages with levels. Whatever your level is, it is very important for you to not have difficulty in interviewing. You should be honest about your language level.
  • Where you learned; it will be elegant in specifying it, whether through a course or by living in that country, by your own means.



  • Volunteer work, which is one of the most important parts for companies, will move ahead of even your high-grade average or internship.
  • You should write the institutions, projects and what you do as a volunteer in a detailed and impressive way. Do not forget to write in which position you work in Esn, what projects and committees you are in.
  • If you have participated in EVS projects and voluntary projects of other institutions, I have no doubt that it will be the most eye-catching part of your CV. Participating in such projects at least once throughout your university life will add a lot to you both in terms of your CV and socially.


Do Not Forget!

 The stronger your history and your CV, the more likely you will be to choose the company you will work with. They are trying to grab the best staff in companies, just like we are looking for the best job. The first step to show that you are the right person for them is through your CV. With your resume and motivation letter, you will have the chance to pass the first step and influence the experts in the interview. After the interview, you will have an opportunity to negotiate with them about your interests.


Wish you to have jobs that all of you work passionately, enjoy every working hour, and get reward for your work! 😊

Written by Fatma Gedik